How It Works

What is an electronic cigarette?

Our electronic cigarette (also referred to as an ecigarette) is a two-part device that mimics the action of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without all the harmful chemical additives.

The two parts that an ecigarette consists of is the refill cartridge, and the battery.  The refill cartridge is composed of a cartridge casing containing an atomizer, and liquid ingredients required to create the vapor (water, nicotine (unless 0mg), propylene glycol, and flavoring).  The atomizer is a heating element that heats up to produce the vapor when you inhale.  The attached ecigarette battery is a lithium-ion battery that is encased and cannot be dissembled by the user.  It’s an easy to use rechargeable battery that attaches to the refill cartridge and allows the atomization to occur.  They are activated by an air pressure sensor that is triggered when the user inhales on the ecigarette.  The battery turns on and supplies power to the heating element located in the refill cartridge.


Recharging Your Battery

ONLY USE THE CHARGER THAT COMES WITH YOUR PRODUCT! This is important and will ensure the battery does not overcharge or malfunction and cause a fire.

-Remove the ecigarette battery from your refill cartridge and reattach the unit to your charger

-Batteries require approximately 2-3 hours to complete a full charge but can depend on your specific form of charging.

We recommend exhausting your battery completely before recharging to maximize the lifespan potential of 300 charges.

When to Change Your Battery or Cartomizer

How to know which is exhausted; your battery or your cartomizer:

-The tip of your battery will flash 10x to indicate recharging of the ecigarette battery is required

-If your battery does not indicate recharging is required but vapor is no longer being produced, a new cartomizer should be attached

-Rule of thumb: Classic batteries last ½ of one cartomizer, Queen batteries last ¾ of one cartomizer, King batteries last the full length of one cartomizer

Cleaning Method

-We recommend cleaning all batteries 1-2 times per month

-Do not allow any liquid at any time to enter the battery

-Utilize rubbing alcohol to gently wipe away any dirt on the threading of the battery

-The two small but visible pin holes on the threading of the battery are air passageways, use a small pin to remove any build up from these passageways

-In the battery there is another air passageway located between the inner metal ring and outer threading, again utilize the small pin to remove any dust, dirt, or build up

-Please see our Ecigarette Battery Cleaning Kit for an easy cleaning solution with detailed instructions